As it is spring & Summer heat is thrashing down on all states & within the Stafford, TX area it gets hot. From East to the West we have a tendency to experience intense humid combined with blistering heat. though it will be tempting to Tune the AC up, it will be costly to maintain those giant power bills. According to the state energy department, the common homeowner spends $875 on cooling and heating prices alone on an avg. Call
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In general, during a change in the season before a homeowner brings that thermostat down, could take into account to keep the house in a cool environment during Summer.

When a homeowner is operating an AC Unit it is a good practice to pull those curtains & close them to avoid direct Sun Rays from entering the house. This method can increase the cooling process & also can consume on electricity.

Any shades that a homeowner is able to add will definitely facilitate block a good amount of the summer heat & can help in the increase in efficiency of the AC Unit.

Use your ceiling fan as it is recommended. It has been observed that ceiling fans can help in circulating the cool air & lowering AC energy as this process can help the cool air to travel in the room with the help of ceiling fans.

Use energysaving electric bulbs rather than high energy consuming bulbs.

Change your Air Conditioner system’s air cleaner a minimum of once in every three months. The cleaner your airfilter, the more efficient the cooling must work.

It is a good idea to plant trees to cover the property as planting trees that may give natural shade around your house & can reduce the direct heat to entering the house.

Install ceiling fans or table fans & even small coolers if the homeowner is missing these. The superimposed circulation can facilitate to keep the cool air to circulate all around the room.

Next step is to check that all of your air ducting, vents and properly have a decent seal. If the vents have a leak then the airflow could be affected as the cooling would not be as it should be.

As the DIY is always a tiring task & hence calling a Professional is a good idea. Contact spotts park in Houston s

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